August, 2012

New Review of Instant Yerba Mate blends

August 27, 2012 Yerba Mate Aficionado Reviews

Wow, one of the newest things in yerba Mate is the instant powdered blend. Just mix with water and go! This will do to Yerba Mate what Folgers instant coffee did to coffee. Good stuff, perfect for camping! Here is our new review page covering several of the new instant mate brands and blends:


New review of Elegante Organic Yerba Mate

August 23, 2012 Yerba Mate Aficionado Reviews

We have added the brand new Elegante Organic Yerba Mate blend to our famous review page. Our popular Yerba Mate review page gives the info you need to enjoy the Yerba Mate you love and find new blends to get acquainted with! Visit our review here:


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