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Salante strawberry blend

IMG_6594If you like fruit flavored herbal or black teas, then get ready for a treat. the Salante strawberry blend contains organic yerba matte, strawberry, carob, cocoa nubs and stevia. This blend is simply exquisite in flavor and richness.

Salante strawberry blend is lightly sweetened by stevia leaf. It is not sweet like a sugared-up coffee or tea, rather, it has a very light sweetness to it… A sweetness that is not over-powering and you actually have to think about it to really notice it because it is so subtle. Stevia is not a sugar based sweetener, so it has no glycemic effect (sugar rush and then crash). Additionally, stevia does not get bitter like some of the other popular sugar substitutes when exposed to heat which makes it a perfect companion to this blend.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable blend and has a lot to offer from a flavor perspective. It is great for early morning paper reading, watching the sunrise or any time you need a pleasant pick-me-up during the day.

This blend may not always be in stock.

In addition to the bulk, loose-leaf strawberry mate, you can also order this flavor in a pre-packaged tea-bag. several of my work friends actually prefer the teabag to the loose leaf blend because they can just drop it into a cup of hot water and let it brew. With the tea bag, you don’t need to filter the mate.

Mint Madness Blend

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the package to show you. You can order Mint Madness here.

Once again, Salante has come through with an incredible blend of flavored yerba mate. This time, the flavor is mint and what a treat it is. The Salante Mint Madness blend is an incredible mixture of mate, carob, stevia, peppermint and spearmint. If you appreciate a fine peppermint tea, then you will absolutely love Mint Madness. This blend is packaged in the same sealed manner as the Salante Strawberry blend, so maintaining freshness is not an issue.

This flavored mate is every bit as enjoyable as the Salante strawberry mate and is suitable for an early morning ‘on-the-job’ type of refreshment. One of the most surprising and pleasant aspects of this blend is it’s amazing smoothness.

The mint flavor is strong enough that it overshadows the traditional ‘grassy’ flavor of the mate. In my opinion, the blend of peppermint and spearmint presents the predominant flavor and the mate takes on a more subtle essence which provides a rich foundation to the drink. Overall, this is a fantastic flavored mate and should be on the shelf of every yerba mate aficionado.

Cremoso Acai Berry

IMG_6593The Cremoso Acai berry blend is quite good…after some getting used to. In my humble opinion, it does not even come close to the richness of flavor found in the Salante Strawberry blend, but it is good in it’s own way. Upon first opening the acai berry blend I expected a fruity, berry scent and I was taken back by the smokiness of the blend… The smoky scent seemed strong at first and I am not sure why. This first impression was difficult to get past, and in subsequent tastings I do not notice the smokiness quite as much.

My first experience with this blend was not positive. The smoky flavor seemed to be overpowering everything else so I dumped it down the drain and rinsed my mouth out. A few days later, I tried it again, and this time it did not seem overly “smoky”. I don’t know how to account for this… maybe it was just a “smoky” day outside. 🙂

Over the last month, I have grown to enjoy the Cremoso Acai Berry blend. I typically make a cup of this in the afternoon when I am in the mood for a strong, flavored mate. If you like a fruity mate with smoky overtones, then this would be a good one to go with.

While the Cremoso brand of Acai Berry may not be what you are looking for, you might really enjoy the Salante Acai Berry Yerba Mate!

Cremoso Vanilla

IMG_6592This was the first Cremoso brand product that I purchased and I must say that I was quite disappointed upon my first cup. I had hoped for a strong vanilla flavor, but what I found was a very light vanilla essence. It was not strong enough for me to even call this blend “flavored”.

Some of my co-workers really like this blend, but for me the vanilla is not strong enough. If you are looking for a very lightly flavored vanilla mate, then this is definitely for you. If you like a stronger flavor, then take a look at the Salante Vanilla blend.

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