Instant Yerba Mate

Instant Yerba Mate is coming on the scene in a major way. One of the most fun things about the new instant Yerba Mate blends is that all you need to do to prepare it is mix in some water and poof! Yerba Mate! No leaves, no dust, just tasty Mate!

Here are a few of the Instant Yerba Mate blends that are coming into prominence…

Instant Amanda Yerba Mate

Instant Amanda Yerba Mate has been around the block a few times and is a good choice for a bulk instant yerba mate.

As with any instant Yerba Mate, it is easy to mix and will dissolve into hot or cold water.  One of the things I like ab out this instant mate is that it is very easy to get the desired flavor by simply adding more (or less) of the mix.  Granted, that is true of any instant Yerba Mate or instant coffee, but this was the first I found and it was a pleasant experience.

Mahtay Instant Yerba Mate

Mahtay Instant Yerba Mate is some powerful stuff and a good base mate too.  This instant mate is perfect on a backpacking trip or in an emergency kit, because it is so concentrated it does not require much space.

As a base mate, it accepts flavors such as the flavored liquid Stevia mixtures.  Some of my favorite Stevia flavors to mix with this concentrated Mahtay are peppermint, vanilla and strawberry.  Just a few drops of the flavored Stevia ought to do the trick for an 8oz. glass of Mahtay mix.

Pajarito Instant Yerba Mate

If you are looking for the perfect table top or bookshelf instant yerba mate, then this just might be it.  This mix contains both Yerba Mate and sweetener.

It’s a bit sweet for my taste, but some folks might really like it.  Because it is so sweet, it can easily be added to milk, coconut milk, almond milk or soy milk.  I prefer these types of mixes in coconut milk because of the added creaminess.  This one reminds me of a chai late.

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