New Review: Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Oh my goodness!  I finally found something that is so good, I had to write a review…  As many of followers know, we only review a product when it is so amazing that it is worth the time and the typing.  Well, here it is, the first review in several months!

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

ocps Wow.  That’s a mouthful of a title.  But hey, this stuff I found is a mouthful of awesome.  The product is called “Organic Coconut Palm Sugar” by Big Tree Farms and if you have not yet tried it, buy some, because it is awesome.

I recently went on a search for some real sugar (not stevia or a sugar replacement) that had some health benefit to it.  White sugar is trash for the body and brown sugar is pretty much colored white sugar.  Sometimes you can find some unrefined sugar that have a little flavor, but that can be rare.

I wanted a sugar that has body, rich flavor and some inherent goodness to it.  after searching for a while I found Big Tree Farms and their coconut palm sugar.

What makes it so great?

First is flavor.  This sugar isn’t just sweet like so much of the junk out there.  This has a richness that adds to whatever dish you add to it.  There is a depth of flavor to this product that you just don’t find in processed sugar or sugar replacements.  When you order your bag, be sure to taste this sugar all by itself.  Perhaps 1/8 of a teaspoon.  It is wonderful.

Second is goodness.  Here’s the crazy thing about the unrefined version of this palm sugar.  It actually has things in it that are good for you.  Now, of course, it’s sugar, so it’s not a health food to go crazy on, but compared to the other sweeteners out there, this stuff is like gold.  This product contains Magnesium, Nitrogen, Zinc, Potassium, Calcium and amino acids.  Big Tree Farms also lists it as having a low glycemic effect.  Overall, pretty cool.

Third is smell.  Yep, I said smell.  Open the bag…you can actually smell it and it smells rich and sweet and nice…and soft…  yeah, soft.  Not harsh or biting.  Very odd, but very good.  Very “natural” smelling…

Fourth is color.  This sugar has a golden brown color, kinda like bark.  If you bake with it, then your cookies will be more golden…  🙂

Testing in food

Here are all of the dishes and drinks that I have personally tried this sugar in:

  • Coffee: Amazing.  Mix in a rounded teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla into a cup of coffee.
  • Tea: Black tea only.  About the same as coffee.
  • Yerba Mate: With a raw, non-flavored mate, it is pretty good, even with the vanilla
  • Sweet tea: Yep, more of the awesome.
  • Cookies: I replaced it on a 1:1 basis with the white sugar.  Turned out perfect and the cookies were a little darker in color.
  • Pancakes: Yeah, super awesome.

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