Stansport Camping French Press Review

Broken French Press: Never Again.

About 6 months ago, my Bodum 1 cup glass french press broke. I really liked this press. It was small and made just the right amount for a large cup.  For those of us who like to make their coffee, mate or tea in a french press we know that a broken press makes for a sad day.  This is the second glass press that I have broken over the years.

A BPA-Free, nearly unbreakable French Press

Done with glass presses, I took a chance and ordered the Stansport French Press.  I have now been using it daily to make my coffee, mate and loose-leaf tea.  So far, I love it!  For the price, it is one of the best purchases I have made.

Quality: Stansport makes camping products, usually sold at department stores and some outdoor stores.  While they may not be luxury items, I have never been disappointed in a Stansport item.

Weight: The Stansport French Press is very light and therefore easy to add to a camping pack.

Sturdiness: Since the entire press is made from various plastics, the press itself is very light.  Because of this, it is not as solid as a standard glass press.  If you are used to a glass/metal press, then this press may seem a bit less underwhelming.  But that’s the point.  It is a lightweight, nearly unbreakable press.  Even with the lighter materials, I have never had a problem making a drink with it.

Filtering: It filters just as well as any other french press I have owned.

Cleaning: It cleans very easily, just like any other french press.  It cleans up nice in a dishwasher.

Size: 800 ML.  I find that it makes about 4 cups.

Other unbreakable French Presses

There are a number of other companies making “unbreakable” french presses, including offering from Bodum, BonJour and X Chef. Here are some quick links…

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