Yerba Mate Teabags

The Cleanest Yerba Mate yet!

Al-right folks, as an avid fan of Yerba Mate for the last few years, I have pretty much been sticking to the loose leaf blends.  As you well know, the typical method of consuming Yerba Mate is with a filtered straw, also known as a Bombilla.  The straw has a filter on the bottom which prevents the leaves and stems from getting into your mouth.

There are times when a filter straw is not available, or when there are several other folks visiting my office at work and want to know what I am drinking.  I don’t typically have an extra straw at the office, but what I have discovered is even better than an extra straw!

Enter the Yerba Mate Tea Bag!  It is definitely the easiest way to enjoy a cup of Yerba Mate and to introduce this drink to your fellow co-workers, friends, family members and children.  there’s no mess, no fuss, and lots of enjoyment.

Just like a standard tea bag, the Yerba Mate teabag is easy to use and even easier to clean up.

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite Yerba Mate blends in teabags:

Salante Strawberry Flavored Yerba Mate Tea Bags

I am starting off this review page with my absolute favorite Yerba Mate blend of all time.  Salante Strawberry Yerba Mate is by far, the best flavored Yerba Mate ever.  It is a blend of strawberry, roasted carrob, stevia, cocoa bits and cocoa butter.  this is a sweet blend, but not overly sweet.  This is a rich blend, but not overly rich.

I originally tried this blend in bulk, then, I discovered that it is also packaged in tea bags.  I currently have this blend at my office in both tea bag and bulk packages.  I will typically have a tea bag cup in the morning to start off the day and then double down on a strong bulk cup using my French Press in the late afternoon.  Since I started drinking Yerba Mate, this is the blend that I have purchased the most, because I enjoy it the most.  The box comes with 25 bags weighing in at 5 grams each.

Note that this blend may not always be in stock.

Cruz De Malta Tea Bags

This box of Cruz De Malta Yerba Mate comes with 50 tea bags, each bag containing approximately 3 grams of Yerba Mate.  This authentic Yerba Mate has stems, so it is not just the leaves.  This is nice, because I think that the stems add a more rounded flavor.

Unlike some tea bags, these bags are porous enough to let the hot water soak in and steep the leaves quickly, but no so porous (or weak) that the bag let’s out the dust or breaks apart.  Overall, I give this a grade ‘A’ on the list of quick tea bag Yerba Mate.  Plus, the price is a good value for 50 bags.

La Merced Organic Mint Flavoured Yerba Mate Tea Bags

This flavoured blend from La Merced is pretty good.  Back when I was drinking only normal tea, I really liked to start the morning off with a cup of hot peppermint tea.  Now that I am drinking more Yerba Mate than tea, I am glad that I found this La Merced Mint tea bag.  The other cool thing about this Yerba Mate is that it is certified organic.

This box has 20 tea bags, and the price is pretty comparable to most normal good tea’s that you can buy at the supermarket, like Celestial Seasonings (which is my favorite brand of tea).

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