Recipe 1: Yerba Mate with Rooibos tea

Here is our first Yerba Mate recipe! This mashup could not be simpler and might not be topped, but we will see what the Yerba Mate Aficionado has in store for us in the future! Let the experimentation begin.


1. Liquid base: Use your favorite Rooibos, such as this Organic loose leaf Rooibos tea
2. Mate: Use you favorite Mate.  For this experiment, I will be using traditional Rosamonte Suave


1. Brew up Rooibos tea. The stronger, the better. Make enough to use as the liquid base for your Yerba Mate.
2. Remove the tea bag (or leafs)
3. Place the Yerba Mate into your gourd or french press.
4. Pour the hot tea into the gourd or french press.
5. Allow the mate to steep as normal
6. Enjoy!


Pretty good flavor.  It has the signature “sweet” Rooibos taste. Nice color.  I used a single cup serving of Rooibos and I don’t think it is enough.  Next brew I make will have a double serving of Rooibos.


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