Recipe 2: Yerba Mate with Organic Guatemalan Coffee

The Yerba Mate Aficionado returns with his second daring and controversial recipe! This time it’s Organic Guatemalan coffee with a traditional mate.  Hold on to your seats folks, we might be in for a wild ride.


1. Liquid base: Use your favorite Organic Guatemalan coffee, such as this Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan Whole Bean Coffee.
2. Mate: Use you favorite Mate.  For this experiment, I will be using traditional Rosamonte Suave


1. Brew up the coffee. If you are using whole bean coffee, grind it fairly fine so that you get more of the coffee goodness. Make enough to use as the liquid base for your Yerba Mate. Hopefully you are using a french press.
2. Place the Yerba Mate into your gourd or french press.
3. Pour the hot coffee into the gourd or french press.
4. Allow the mate to steep as normal
5. Enjoy!


Strong.  Bold.  Rich.  Much like the Aficionado… except for the rich part.  🙂

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