Quick Health Tip #2

April 9, 2013 Yerba Mate Aficionado Tips brings you the quick health tip series!

Yerba Mate health tip #2

Ever had trouble focussing on the task at hand?  One of the great benefits of yerba mate is that because it contains a mild natural stimulant called mateine which is very similar to caffeine, and can help provide more energy and focus.

While Yerba Mate contains less stimulant than a cup of coffee, it does provide more stimulant action than a cup of herbal tea.  A typical 8oz cup of yerba mate contains 30mg of caffeine while the same amount of coffee contains approximately 100mg of caffeine.

When consumed in moderation, caffeine can help increase focus, clarity and perceived energy level, but there is a price, namely the “jitters”.  One of the great things about yerba mate is that people report that they get the stimulant benefit for black tea or coffee without the jitters.  It is possible that this is because of the lower dose of caffeine in yerba mate or that yerba mate contains a trace amount of tryptophan.

As with all things in life, be sure to enjoy yerba mate in moderation and try out the many flavors and blends available.  You may find the yerba mate gives you just what you are looking for in a morning cup of “joe”.

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